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Welcome to
Cosco Rubber Industries

Cosco Rubber Industries is an leading manufacturer of uPVC Windows and Doors Sealing Systems, Industrial Rubber Beadings and Commercial Rubber Beadings, Glass Rubber Beadings, Molded Rubbers, Rubber Beadings, Sponge Rubbers, Packed Rubber Beadings, Sponge Strips, Standard & Custom Rubber Extrusions, Gaskets, Etc.

Cosco Rubber Industries is an leading manufacturer of uPVC Windows and Doors Sealing Systems, Industrial Rubber Beadings and Commercial Rubber Beadings, Glass Rubber Beadings...

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Cosco Products

  • Rubber EPDM Profiles
  • Sponge EPDM Profiles
  • Co-Extruded EPDM Profiles
  • Mould Rubber Profiles
  • Window Rubber Seals
  • Automotive Rubber Seals
  • Rail Vehicle Rubber Seals
  • Sponge Rubber Gasket
  • Cabinet Door Seal Strip
  • Glass Fiber Seal Strip
  • Door Rubber Seals
  • uPVC Edge Trim

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Cosco Rubber
EPDM Advantages

  • Resistance to UV exposure, ozone, aging, weathering, and many chemicals - great for outdoor applications
  • Stability in high and low temperatures - a general purpose EPDM material can be used in an environment where the temperature range is from -20F to +350F (-29C to 177C)
  • Low electrical conductivity and Resistance to steam and water
  • Used in the production of extruded rubber or molded rubber products
  • Properties allow it to be widely used and highly versatile, can be applied successfully in many situations
  • Used in the proper environment, the parts will work well and last long without breaking down, becoming brittle, etc. - saving you money on replacements

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Major Supplier in Most of the Industries

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